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It was really nice to meet you. You are such a talented person!
ciao....i m marco italian boy that you meet in sub way how are you .....write me se you sun .you are on face book live me a contati m marCo caiazzo
Lijie, trying to find the date/venue details for show you told me about. Cant seem to find it on you website.
Hi Lie. Im civil engineer and I try to learn Albeniz when i have free time. I love clasic guitar. When I enter in internet I click on your name. Id like to express you my feelings. Your playing makes me fell better, something good feels my heart and my brain. I ve heard many players.I believe you r the best. I love you. i think you r the most good woman in the world. God always protect you.
Hey Lijie is that you on youtube doing those classical guitar segments? If it is, you are awesome! You've got a relaxing voice. Looks like you're doing it! It's difficult getting gigs here in Las Vegas. Out here is cut throat. Anyway, if you were in music xray I'd give you a high rating! Music xray is a site where musicians can go and; place their tracks, get feedback from pros, and be connected to top producers, promoters, agents, you name it. Check it out if you like. I have a bandmix profile under the name bnlx. I found out that thee is a group and a resort with that name. btw music xray gives one the opportunity to listen to music and make money. Any way I beeter not bore you to death. Many thanks for your time. Aloha, Ben
I found you.... Love the music! I noticed that your playing at the Columbia Theater in Seattle on the 31st. We would love to open the night for you. We are a two piece live looping Machine lol here you go
i really enjoy hearing you sing and hope to see more of you! :) I write poems and would like to hear you song one if you like it
Hi Lijie! We met last week at my club the Columbia City Theater. I am the music producer/engineer here. I love your music! I was impressed right away with the production and the sound of your voice. I would love to see one of your performances sometime.. Are you playing soon? You mentioned that you might want to do a video or photography shoot here. Lets talk about that. Call me at 206-343-9001 or just email me. take care! gary
Thanks for performing at LCCC. You were pretty fantastic. -That.tall.guy.who.sat.up.front.early.on.
Hey Liljie, Allena and I met you at Georgies in Kirkland, Just checked out your website and music, love it, thanks for playing at georgies, cant wait for you to be back in kirkland, or seattle, peace and love jenny
Discovered you on Pandora. Love, love, LOVE the song Blue. It's my new absolute favorite! Keep on making incredible music!
Awesome work as always! Love the website. Was trying to donate, but it looks like the link is down. Is there a paypal email I can use? Keep up the great work!
Smooth and complicated that of a fine wine, brandy, scotch, or beer for you zymergist's. Life has a way of shining light throught polished jems or diamonds, that are more so breath taking with unique sonic-silkyness in a gifted talent known as simply ~Lijie~ Stay thisty my friend...and play on till the dawn. Dennis in Dehesa
Smooth and complicated that of a fine wine, brandy, scotch, or beer for you zymergist's. Life has a way of shining light throught polished jems or diamonds, that are more so breath taking with unique sonic-silkyness in a gifted talent known as simply ~Lijie~ Stay thisty my friend...and play on till the dawn. Dennis in Dehesa
I was very amazed and impressed when I came across Paganini Caprice No. 24 and Gran Jota Terrega. Impressive and gifted talents, then I listened to the "official release of Blue". With my breath held in awe... wow sounds to cliche, but is fitting , just as I viewed the Grand Canyon up close and personal the first time. May you have continued blessings, peace, and prosperity in your life as you share your gift and musical light to others. Shalom ~ Dennis
Greetings Lijie !!! I had to leave a message for you. I had come across you youtube video of Paganini Caprice No.24, about 1 1/2 years ago and was amazed at your musical gift and tenlant, then and more so now. I was looking for a good classical inspiration for practising guitar to train my fat fingers more descipline. Anyway I found Gran Jota (Terrega) wow! exquisite...You are very gifted. While looking at the other selections of videos you have posted, I listen to your more current pieces and arrangements, the one on your out of tune piano(it was nice) and Blue, the one done live at Berkley. It reminded me of some of the local open mic venues I have attended. The song was nice , but crowds are like cooing pidgeons or cackeling chickens, that distract from the performers. This is to say, i then found your officle "Blue" video. To be free, and to live hear this was enchanting. Great arrangement and choice and help from your producer and crew...very well done. I mean no disrespect with this comparison, the phrasing and meter of your singing in this piece remind me in part of Diana Krall, who has a very smooth and unique smoking voice. Your voice as well is very, silky, slightly sultry, and velvet smooth. I say this to compliment and inspire you. You like a diamond in the ruff, have went through timly heat and trails of practice and performance, and like a finishing masterpiece are to be revealed and displayed for many to appreciate and applaude. I would be bold to say that your light burns strong and steady, unlike the fate of others that have burned very bright, and short lived. Your time is starting to be aware to many who do not know you or have had the pleasure and experience to enjoy the rare liviing gifts of life you so embody. So as I am able, I will purchase this music, that has been playing in the backgorund while typing, of which would rather be listening with no distractions. Peace, prosperity, protection, and blessings be with you this day, and through out your life, with family and friends. Shalom my friend, stay thirsty and keep playing on. ~ Dennis Schuemaker
Just listened to your album the music maker today!!! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY REFRESING I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!! LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT PROJECT <3 <3 <3
Hey Lijie, I'm so sorry that I missed your show at the Conor Byrne. I hope to make it to your Kirkland gig. Take care!
A long belated thank you for signing the 2 albums I purchased on your site. I honestly thought that "Music Maker" would have a hard time living up to "Roam," but I was very pleasantly surprised. Everyone I play your music to is impressed with your voice, your music and your words. Your tonal quality is special! Looking forward to your third album. I'm sure it will complete the Triple Crown! Dion
please come to new zealand. my malaysian friend just showed me some magic. and magic it is. #amazed!!
Hello what is the name of the last song you sung at your Seattle show on the 12th? Am I able to download it? Loved your performance! --Kelly
dear Li,i really love your version of bach bwv 1007 prelude no. 1 as seen on you tube.I have tried to find the sheet music but cant find the exact arrangement as you play it....can you help?.....thanks.....baz
Hi again, Lijie. Just spent about an hour listening and watching your newer Vids. As usual you continue to blow my mind. You are seriously blessed with not only an unbelievably beautiful voice but also extremely touching writing skills. Then there's your very soulful playing and presentation when you are performing. While you more than deserve to go not only national, but world-wide as well, the 'Bottom Line' is that the world needs YOU. It just doesn't know it yet. (Sorry I've been out of touch for awhile. Life has a way of getting in the way of things sometimes.) ALL the BEST, Allan
Sorry I missed your Monterey show. Hope you come back soon. Looking forward to getting your new album.
Lijie it was nice to meet you on Saturday at the 4Th ave tave, your voice filled the room you have an amazing stage presents. Congratulations on your success in the world of music.
....resumo tu musica asi: sencilla, agradable y me llena de mucha paz....gracias por ser tan increible...escuche algo de roam y the music master....sencillamente especial....felicidades
...lo siento pero no hablo admirador tuyo, desde hace mucho tiempo, una amiga china me hablo de ti, y escuche unas interpretaciones increibles en la guitarra acustica, he seguido tu trabajo y tu vida por internet y es poco lo que he podido conseguir..pero estoy escuchando tu tema promocional en esta tu nueva faceta, es un cambio brusco de musica pero está bonita tu cancion...donde estas viviendo?..que ha pasado musico y vivo en Nicaragua en Centroamerica....saludos y siempre sere admirador tuyo...felicidades y buena suerte...
And the band played on...great show! Sorry I had to leave so soon, but, WOW! You sounded so good, thank you so much! I'll try to bring some friends with me next time, but that may mean getting some new friends because some of mine think the west side is too far away (kind of a west side story thang!) Me, I'm eventurus. You rock!! Come rock at my party / festival / open mic, this Saturday (the 24th) from 2 to 10pm. I would love to see / hear you there! Here iis a link to a map / flyer: Hope you can come. Sincerely, James Deane
Hello there, Lijie. I was at your opening show, and I absolutely loved it. Since I couldn't convince you to move to Philia. I guess I'll have to move out here. No really though my sister, who lives in University Place, has convinced me to try the west coast. I am planning to make the move in december. With luck, maybe I'll catch some of your shows. Good luck and good times for you I hope.
Hi Lijie, I saw you at conor burn on August 18th and you were great. I will see you again. I introduced myself to you. I came from Portland to see you perform. I think you could turn down the drums or have him tap a little lightly. He drowned out your voice and that's not good - afterall- I came see you and hear your voice. I can't wait to hear you again. Richard from Portland!
Lijie!!!! How are you doing? I'm getting excited for the album and tried to pre-order it, but the site won't let me. I don't know if it's a problem with PayPal, or what, but I guess I'll have to wait until it comes out. Let me know if there is a different way I can buy one. Congrats on all the success, I'm so proud of you! JDR
Hi Lijie! I am such a fan of your music. I'll definitely be buying your second album. Have you ever considered including cello background tracks in your songs? Might add a nice touch (;
You have a special voice. One that is enchanting, haunting, mellifluous. Listening to you is like eating a sweet piece of watermelon on a hot summer day. Your music and words are captivating. Most important, you are consistent. I have purchased "Roam" and "Music Maker" from your site and look forward to listening to them while taking long drives or just relaxing. Stay true to yourself and good things will happen.
no words to describe unwittingly found you on youtube ... I love you, beautiful!
I actually stumbled across your music at while looking for a classical guitarist named Li Jie. On impulse, I clicked the play button on several of your songs. I had never heard of you. Damn, you've got a great voice. Keep up the good work. You're a winner.
Hey:) it was good hearing you @ the stepping stone last night. you have an amazing voice if you are ever interested in creating some crazy electronic music give us a holler. you can check out some of our stuff @ :)
Hi Lijie Paul Ryan, from the Asgard in Central Sq Cambridge, MA gave me this link and told me very nice things about you. I love the site and music, not in that order. In Newport RI we have a Festival - mid July Bkack Ships - see link below that honors a 157 yr relationship with Japan and USA - I am on the Japan America Soceity and Festival Board. On July 17, Sunday in the afternoon / evening we are hosting a event for the Japan Earthquake victums. Are you in New England this summer? I'd love to be able to follow up with you for this or possibly even other events in Newport. Call or write - cell 617 504-7697 Email: BostonNewport thks, look forward to talking with you. Sincerely, Karl Olsen Link:
heey im a good singer. will thats what everybody tells me. im looking for a music manager to help me. soo can you please contact me back?
Beautiful music and website ! Let me know if you need help with online sales promotions when the album is released ? Scotty X
Hi Lijie, We met at White Rabbit Saturday night just before the Token Folk show, the photographer. I'm sitting here listening to your stuff. You have a great voice and make great music. Gave you my card in hopes that my site would be up by now. It's close but done not yet. Below is a link to some samples of my work. I shoot mostly live show and usually don't use flash unless I have no choice. If you like my work, drop me a line or give me a call. Later, Rod.
The album is very good! See you Saturday. The thing I wanted to say to you is, on the flier, it may help if the blurb was more about your description of your style of music. I know when I am looking to see new acts I have never seen, I look for that so I can gauge if I will be interested in the act. Also, the first quote from Taipei is great, I would omit the others. That quote sums up your music and draws the reader in... Thanks. Hope that helps. Break a leg.
I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.
Thanks, nice post. Keep up the good work
You've got a Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles sound with a twist of something new and very, very nice. I'm a big fan.
Loving the new track Lijie - can't wait to hear the album!
Loving the new track Lijie - can't wait to hear the album!
Do you have plans for Chicago or Orlando?
I'm Enderson, a brasilian enthusiast and I can say: Yes, Li Jie really awesome. I've watched some videos of her, more specifically Capriccio 24, 'n I'was very impressed. But, there's one thing that I want very much... I'd like very much to receive the score of Capriccio 24. Thanks to all !!! (Sorry my Eng)
Amazing show this evening at ToST! The girls and I had a such a great time and truely love your music. You ROCK GIRL!
You have a beautiful voice, and your songs are so creatively written! How did you first get into music and composing?
and I think your next album should be named...a blog uncensored
I've just recently come across your music, and you are a true musician. I was very happy to discover a new artist to enjoy. Do you have sheet music available for your song Roam?
hello, miss LIE we have watched you on utube and very impressed, just as a matter of intrest we have a weekly radio programme entitled CLASSICAL FLAMENCO its just log onto programmes and go to CLASSICAL FLAMENCO we have already played THE GRAN JOTA its the best version cheers and thank you CHEERS JOHN
I found you about a year ago on Pandora and I think you are awesome! I would love to see you live but am having trouble viewing an upcoming event calendar. I live in Sacramento, CA if you could give me any info on if you will be in the area I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Judy
HI MISS JIE we havejust heard your albums and your quite a real player, we have a weekly spanish guitar programe entitled CLASSICAL FLAMENCO and we are going to feature your pieces on my show its just go to programes and go to CLASSICAL FLAMENCO hope you will write us, the GRAN JOTA that you play is a masterpiece cheers JOHN
I'm subscribed to your blog so when you write something, I'm notified. I'm also subscribed to your calendar just in case you wander South someday with a guitar on your back.
You are amazing and an inspiration!!!
We met at Kafka on the Shore in Taipei during your break (休息/xiuxi)! I gave you Taipei Times article about you. Talking to you and listening to you made for one of my most enjoyable nights in Taipei. Wish you the best. Hope to see you again in Taiwan or USA!
Oh Girl, you are the best guitarrist that i've seen. Your style is magnificent, the way you smile is beautiful. Keep playing! =) Love you.
I usually listen to ICRT online..this morning came across your interview...and them on your website...nice voice you wishes..
HI sister i am here!!!!
you are amazing!!!!! love the song ROAM, heard it on PANDORA.
I am trying to purchase your CD ROME, but not having success. Can I buy anywhere else, or directly by mail. I can send you a money order / cashiers check for the album. From your site, buy album, it's not allowing me to, I do have a paypal account. Please advise.
Dear Li Jie, You have a wonderful style of playing guitar.I am trying to learn flamenco style .I saw ypur videos on the net and you're the best guitarist I've seen after Paco De Lucia.As a fan,our dream is to play like you though we know it's impossible.
friends w Alejandro, meant 2 get 2 Alchemist but missed it--now I'm bummed! U remind me of an earthy Joan Jett. Check out "Joey"--similar vocals, husky clear voice.
After listening to you live at the Alchemist this past Wednesday, I came to realized what it feels to be serenated! Voice, lirics, beauty and presence, that's you...
LOVE your songs!!! They evoke many emotions... awesome.
Heya! Not sure if you remember me when you came to play at Cradley, but i've been following your musical journey through the mailing list, all your songs are beautiful! Keep up the good work, i wish you'd come and play for us all again!
Keep up the great work as i knew from the first time i met you that one day you will be a big time artist. Besides that your pretty cute.
Just got your CD. It is great. Hope you will do more.
i would just like to know if you are the same girl that was playing the classical pieces on you tube? you were maybe 13? thanks
Hi Lijie. I found your music through pandora. I was listening doing my thing and Roam came on. It is a beautiful song. I'm a vocalist as well and I really appreciate it when I hear others who have good vocal control and heart gripping melodies. Hope all goes well with your musical endeavours!
I discovered your music on Pandora and absolutely love the song Roam. Is sheet music for the piano available?
Hey, It was nice chatting on the train this evening from Stony Brook - your music is so much better than you make it out to be. Hopefully I can see you perform live soon - take care!
Hi there, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
Hello. I live in Seattle, in a building right across from the main entrance to the University of Washington. People move in and out frequently, and leave things behind that they no longer want, in a community area. I found a cd from 2004, no cover, "Please help spread the musik". It sat around for awhile, I finally listened to it today. Brought me to the edge of tears. Music often makes me cry , but rarely on the first listen. Your voice is beautifully haunting, your lyrics tear at my heart. I'm a singer/songwriter myself, so this is a high compliment. I absolutely loved what I heard, just a half hour ago. I'll pursue your music, want to hear more. Thanks for this little taste of your soul.
I can see why my brother michael miller (miziller) loved you so much you are amazing and im glad he had introduced me to your music, He had come & told me "hey Jess you have to listen to this girl sing, " by the sound of his voice and the expression on his face i got right on it, i look forward in you future releases and will always be a dedicated fan not just for me but also for my brother who had just passed away 6 mo. ago jan.6,2009 from brain cancer..but he did make sure that everyones he's ever known got a little taste of your music, god bless him...
hi. liejie how r u. i need to see u again. u take picture for me please thankyou ja. miss u (na kub)thailand say.
Saw you sing in Berkeley a few years ago and happened to hear your music again on Pandora. It's beautiful as ever! You might want your publicity people to type up a mini bio or something interesting on your pandora page though--there's nothing there to give listeners a little something about you!
hello ... congratulations, you're an excellent musician. That good to see you some day in colombia.
When might you come to SoCal? I was at the gelato cafe when you came to Berkeley and I got a signed copy of your CD. :D I want to see another live performance! I was kind of amazed that you came to perform at the gelato cafe with your amazing music and with so few people in the audience. I remember you had some guy with you... He asked me if I wanted your John Hancock and I said yes, but it was kind of an unsure/shy/embarrassed yes. Lol. Also, I need another signed copy from you because my mom found your songs in my music library and she wants a copy from you too! I don't think she has enjoyed the past few years of music coming out from the big recording studios, so to hear something that stirs the heart for her is exciting. :) Anyhow, thanks for being awesome!
Ji, i love you, i would like to know if you are going to come to mexico, i live in cancun, and if you like i could oranize an event here kisses
Just do it: ,
Hey Lijie.. are you over on the east coast now? When are you coming home to the PNW? Your music has a special place in my heart... thank you for your gift to the world. Jia you!
I heard your song "Roam" on Pandora, and I adored it. It reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago, one of the best poems I ever wrote. I've also fallen in love with I will Believe, and Lately. Beautiful work, Ms Lijie. =]
you know how to relax the soul. :)
My friend Mike Miller(MIZILLER)introduced me to your music, which is some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. I'm hooked and look forward to more of your music. I listen to "Blue" almost every day as is reminds me of my friend MIZILLER whom just passed away on 1-6-09 from cancer. He was only 45, but he loved you and your music and I'm so glad he shared it with me. Keep on playing and writing.
See i told you that day in borders arcadia to hang in there you would make it. And from all the comments i can tell your fan base it growing daily. People i let listen to your music love it.
Just discovered you by chance on and man...i was blown away by your song 'roam'. I play the guitar too and you are an inspiration. All the best.
Your voice is like a hundred sweet kisses...
Hey! I got to see your show yesterday in Stanford! You were great =]! Hopefully you can come by the area again! I am currently listening to some of your songs on Youtube. =D
You're so talented! Your voice is oh so relaxing and beautiful.. Please come to San Jose, CA <33
I love you! <3 Please come back to San Francisco soon =)
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Your video gave me chills. I'm so glad you are doing this! Your website is really nice, now I can keep track of what you're doing!
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your so beautiful in every way, I'm completely intrigued. I can't wait for more. You made me love music again, I only wish I could sing like you do. It's beautiful, thank you for giving me something so new and so beautiful to listen to before I die. I love it so much thank you for touching my life. Good Luck to everything you do.:)
Hello! Would like to congratulate to you with coming new year!
Success! The god loves you!
I like her style very much. Excellent old classic x-mas song. Thank you li jie!
We talked on the phone December 10 when you called me from Berklee. I watched the YouTube video of Blue and listened to I Want You To... I think your voice has depths that you have not explored. Don't be afraid of it. The guitar playing and Piano both work for the songs. The guitar was the stronger of the two. The emotion you projected in the video was stronger than that of the song. Video is another medium and you have to get used to watching yourself. Worry less about what you think about video work; look at it - is it saying what you want with the sound turned off? Just my two cents worth. Definitely keep going.
I was browsing for new songs. While listening to "Roam" for the first time, I was thinking "Who sings this? I gotta check out her CD". It's rare for me to buy a CD, yet, at the same time, it's rare for a song to touch me the way "Roam" has. If you're ever down or feel as if things aren't going the way you had hoped, know that there's at least one person out there who truly appreciates your artistry.
I stumbled onto your song by accident. Was browsing for new songs. While listening to "Roam" for the 1st time, I was thinking "Who sings this? Gotta check out her CD" I rarely buy CD's, yet, at the same time, it's rare for a song to hit me the way "Roam" has. Don't let money get in the way of your creativity.
Hey - I wanted to know if there is anywhere that I can buy the sheet music to "Roam." If not, may I suggest that you guys think about selling books of sheet music on your site? Love your music.
Maybe better if you join something about chinese.
OMG! Is that my Ukelele you are playing? Hahahaha.
Fell in love with Roam again, this time hearing so much more meaning. Glad I found this place--I love your style!
Hey LiJie, Been listening to your CD a lot, love eveery song! Your voice is so incredible, would love to hear you sing someting acupalo. Wishing you nothing but much success and happiness in all you do.
Hi I listened to your songs online, great stuff loved your track make believe. I have a question for you, why is it many musicians and bands do not promote themselves as widely as they should? Many think that simply having a myspace page is enough, although how new people can find you (unless they know your name) is beyond me! If you truly want exposure and to be easily found by the music industry you may find this new website useful. is a completely free promotional tool for unsigned musicians and their music. It boasts fantastic upload quality (unlike many sites), so your music sounds the way you want it to. It also includes great search features with highly detailed genres - so you can finally find what you're looking for - and people can find your songs not just profiles. The site also has fan networking and, although just a few weeks old, has had interest from TV bookers and other media. You can also link back to your myspace or other webpages if you wish. Please take a look at and upload your songs to be found, you never know where your break is going to come from. Any feedback would be much appreciated, as this site is for you. All the best Andy
LiJie - You rule! You sound great! Keep up the good work.
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Whenever my ipod lands on one of your songs, I feel like I'm in some kind of trance. Hahaha. Many times, I had to hit repeat and continue listening until I finally got home from work. I hope you can play a gig in Hawaii sometime. Maybe get some R&R and some inspiration at the same time!
jia you!!! hahaha.. u can maa... love ur song.. keep up your wrk.. u have great potiential add me if u got ym...
hey, Lijie. I love your song Brilliant Always. I heard it when you were doing your piece at cafe 939 in Boston at Berklee with My Own Stoy. I just have to say, your lyrics call out to me. Its so beautiful. Keep up your work and lyrics, you have great potential.
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Lijie! thats right I gotta get on here and show some love for ya! Keep working hard you've got talent and its definitely worth your while. Keep making hits!
I thought I know everything about guitar. You had showed me that I made a mistake... Beautiful voice. Thanks a lot!
I wanted to let you know that Paul Berrere from the group Little Feat sent me your info and I want you to know how much I enjoy your voice. Very special.
Hi, You sound like a person deep into the beauty of life and has a lot to teach and inspire people through your music. I hope to meet you some day!
your singing touches deep with-in my soul, it's like your on a differant plane of existance. hope to see you in concert one day. best wishes
I ran across your music on and think you are rockin'! If you ever tour make your way to Albuquerque, NM!
first time i heard your sing a song ooohhhh,that can makes me really enjoyed,all the best i ever heard so clean and smooth i,m looking forward to hearing your beatifull and nice song, but i also really want present in your concert but how...? sincerely sarjono
i love misic and believe that with a harden way might be easier
Hi Lijie, I listened to your beautiful music at the Stonestown Borders last Saturday night and bought your CD Roam. I was the middle aged dude who looked like he just crawled out of a mirky ocean (I had just returned from Santa Cruz where I was jogging and swimming). I listened to your CD Sunday morning and loved all of the songs. LA is my favorite. I'm looking forward to hearing you in concert again. Sincerely Ron
Lijie, Enjoyed you play at Stonestown Borders, Friday night. Loved all your songs. You have a natural talent and an awesome voice; music was so soothing to listen while studying. Thank you!!
Absolutely beautiful voice and melody. I heard you first on
i enjoyed this music...
I have just now discovered you while you-tubing for various style guitar pieces... And Wow!... Let me just say that I was so impressed by the rhythm, style, and soul of the song "Carry You Home" that I started searching for your music instead. It somehow resonated. Your very sound and style in music composition can only be described as beautiful. You are truly gifted and thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air to the 2007-2008 music scene as it has been in a long and dry draught.
I enjoyed playing worship with you at Westwood on Sunday - your voice is so beautiful. I hope we can do it again and play songs that highlight your talent!
Hi Lijie, You probably remember me as the girl crying histerically after your show at SCC. I only heard a few songs, I don't know what would have happend to me had I seen your whole set, lol. I'm SO enjoying your cd and telling everyone I know about you. You are so talented. I know that bigger things are out there for you. I'm thankful I was able to hear you live. Your music speaks to me so profoundly. God bless you. Kristi
I'm not sure if you can read Chinese,so write it in English,to tell you that,if you go back to China you will be a bigstar in music,cause there is few people who can bring the real music here,and you will own huge amount of fans,including me now. The other thing is that,how does your name write in Chinese?
I love your guitar playing!!!you're simply amazing Ronald
Very nice music. Please come to Florida! I like the honesty. Don't start listening to anyone but yourself. Surprisingly people still relate to simplicity and a wonderful voice. Keep singing. Tim
Lijie, Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska! I can't get enough of listening to your music . . . it strikes an inner cord deep in my heart, with my emotions, and in my head. When are you coming up this way--I'd love to watch you play live in concert. You have an amazing gift, I look forward to being a fan of yours for a long time. Calvin
We just got back from your performance @ Borders in Beaverton, and wanted to let you know we LOVED your songs. Your voice is amazing and you sing with so much heart. We can't wait until you are back in town again!
Hello there! greetings from sunny UK! Just wanted to say.... awesome! such a beautiful and soul shining aura when listening to your songs. would love to hear more. keep up the dream, as am I. Norman
From the island of Puerto Rico please receive a big hug from a new fan. Ever sin I heard and saw in YUOTUBE this brilliant guitar player I fell in love with her technique, style, perfection and the softness how she plays the guitar. She ios beautiful as well. She is the best guitar player that I have seen and I have seen a lot in my 62 years. I wish her the best and abig sucessful career.
Hello, Lijie. Te escucho desde Málaga, Spain. So good music. Olé y muchas gracias por regalarnos tu música. Intenta grabar directamente las pistas ya que el echo habitacional estropea mucho tus canciones. Ánimo y adelante, vales mucho, mucho. Te lo dice un flamenco andalúz, que aumentamos un poco la realidad pero nunca mentimos. 1 Bs
Wow, and hi from Australia; all I can say is how great to find you and your music, put me down for anything you do. A breath of beautiful fresh air in a very stale music world, looking forward to more and more PS Come and sing in Australia!!!!
I just moved to Washington from New Mexico. I had never heard you b4 but you are great. Your song "Roam" echo's in my heart and strikes a chord deep within. I look forward to hearing more from you. :)
Put me down as another lucky listener that found you on Just purchased Roam (the entire CD)from itunes. If you come up with a mailing list put me on it! Good luck and come by Charlotte, NC some time.
There really are no words to express - - What a nice feeling your playing leaves me with - Thank you.
Lijie! I hope you can come back to U of M - Flint again sometime! I can't wait for your new album. I'm digging up a few dollars to become a Believer. :-)
Nice talking and brainstorming with you at the Home Depot. I hope a mobile guitar case is in your future. What if a spherical wheeled caster was at the neck end of the case and a large handle were at the other end? As long as you hold the large end level...I think the narrow end should track behind you. (still brainstorming...)How about casters at both ends? You end up steering/guiding it rather than dragging it...
Hey, saw you at a performance in the bay area 2 years ago. Keep up the great work!
I must admit that I too first heard 'roam' on pandora, but I'm glad I decided to check into your music. They're just...well let's go with really good! Keep it up, I'm looking forward to hearing more of your music; rock on lijie
I've just saw your 2 new video on youtube. you look great. confident. costume is a nice try for making your performance more lively. Somehow i feel your songs are more like improvisational. like raw material. i believe you can polish them well and let them shine. PS. value your recording equipments for better sound quality.
I have listened to "Roam" many times on Pandora and it always moves me. Thanks!
I first heard you on To be completely honest, I've only heard your song "Roam" and I really enjoy it. I bought the song on iTunes and I'm listening to it right now. Beautiful. Thanks!
Hello, Thank you for sharing your talent and the music.
Hiya, we met briefly on the underground in London...i promised i'd check out the website and am glad i did. Love the tunes. Keep it up. Sunny.
nice to hear your song, best wishes to you
Hey Lijie, Would you mind play an Elton John's song please ? ;-) Just kidding ! Hope you had a nice trip back. I was blessed by your presence and your songs. Keep up the good work ! Bises de Paris (nothing to do with that blond girl whose surname is Hilton)
Hi Lijie, My friend just open a restaurant in The City of Concord, CA. Whenever you are here for visit or concert in San Francisco, we may want to see if you have time to sing a few songs at his restaurnat, send me an email.
Hi .. It's midnight and i found myself roaming.... in your guitar ..and singing. I wondered if i could speak chinese here ..i wish i could.. however i'm not sure whether you are Chinese or not. Cause i'm attracted by your play. your "silent" art..eveything.. your play. your site. Must you be the short haired girl playing Paganini..Don't tell me i'm wrong. That girl really impressed me well as your performance on keyboard.. What can i say? Bless you talent. 加油~ Somehow, i do not mean to be rude. are you still in search of your own style? especially the voice when you sing.I believe you can develop something of your own. show us something which is deep from you heart.I wish you good luck :) Btw..Do you write chinese songs too ? i guess it will be nice try. Happy New Year! 新年快乐! buy custom band tshirts here:
Do you plan on being in the Chicago Area any time soon?
Hi Lijie, Hey we are almost neighbors I live in Edmonds, Wa.. I found you on myspace and asked to be on your friends list. My Display Name is Guitarman Blues. I really enjoy your music it ir very very nice. After the holidays are over I will count my change and do my best to buy some of your music. I see you are coming to Seattle I hope I can get to see you. Keep pressing on there is a lot of competition out there but from what I have listen to you are at the top. You are wonderful, Jerry Guitarman Blues
Love your music, keep playing!!!!!!!
Your mom was my chinese teacher, she brought in a sample of your music and I was blown away.
You rule: rock on!
quality, touching, need to hear more.
First rate songs, fine singing what more could i ask for.
I heard Roam on Pandora and I absolutely loved it. From your voice I assumed that you were an international superstar that I had somehow missed for years :-) Your website and journal are very cool and a testament to your coolness if they are any reflection of personality. Glad you're available on iTunes! I hope that you go everyhere you want with your career. Next time you're near Manhattan I hope you stick around long enough for a show!
Love the site and you have a beautiful voice. Thanks for the link to myspace. When my actual website launches you will have to add a link to that as well.. Thanks so much!
hey, i heard you on Classical Guitar Tabs (you were the top video!), and i was really amazed after listening to Sunburst. O.o you are a really beautiful singer, it's inspiring. peace from california
I heard you in youtube and... you're really really good, exellent voice, and you play very very good, keep it that way, i am glad to have the posibility of heard you. thanx so much, Lucas from argentina.
Lijie sweety, how are you? I was thinking about you and really missed your music! Gosh, you never cease to amaze - really! Lyrics and music so meaningful, so beautiful, so sultry.. just like you! Hope all's well and that we'll enjoy cricket sounds, falling stars, life talks and rocking chairs on the patio again soon! Take care.
Great work! I like to operate in things that feed my soul and your work is certainly filling. Keep that free spirited energy. It is a agift from God. Trinity Quindola
I enjoyed your performance at U of M Flint also. Please let me know when you are playing in the area again.
It was great to hear you play and talk with you at U of M Flint today. I definitely put a smile on my face and got me relaxed for the rest of the day. Take care, keep in touch, and come back!
Hi all! Where are find medical funny pictory? Bye
Pandora delivered Roam to my playlist this afternoon. Thank you.
Keep up with what it is you'r doing. Sounds like you've put alot of effort into finding your sound. I think if you have something to say that has integrity, backed up with hard work and an unwillingness to compromise(which I see signs of) you got a bright future in this art. Hope I don't come off brown noseresque, but I have to give it up to all the struggling asian musicians out there that "get it."
Hi My name is Roy i'm a classical Guitar student , my teacher is Joseph Ichkhanian he studies with Narciso Yepes , and when i saw your video on the internet i ran to buy your CD , you touched me with " Estudio sobre un Giga de Bach " and i would like to tell you that because of i studied this music and played in my concert so thanks for inspiring me
You sound was very beautiful. I like your songs nice and quiet more like new age life style music. When is your next event in San Francisco.
fell in love and found a life....tq
Whenever my ipod lands on one of your songs, I feel like I'm in some kind of trance. Hahaha. Many times, I had to hit repeat and continue listening until I finally got home from work. I hope you can play a gig in Hawaii sometime. Maybe get some R&R and some inspiration at the same time! Aloha!
Beautifull is what hear... Tank you
Hey Lijie, I was thinking about you and decided to come on your site. I think it's awesome so keep up the good work and stay focused. You have skills and will go as high as you can see. Sarah.
We love your music and can feel tremendous music talent in you. We'll buy your CD and wish you all the best.
Thank you for the music so far. You are bipolar, it serves you now, will consume you and your relationships later in life. Build up and strengthen a support group of people now. You will desperately need them in the future. Make it people that add balance, make it family, make it maturity and serenity. This will give you the coat of armor to get you past the false promises and into a place where the real music inside you will come out. And the world will be a better place.
Pandora introduced me to your music and everything I've heard so far is beautiful. Your voice is very strong and it sticks in your head but in the good way. I absolutely love 'roam' and 'Blue' Please keep up the wonderful work!
Just heard "Roam" on Pandora and HAD to find out who you were.. and have just purchased your cd and have listened to every track I can get ahold of online. Thanks so much for your pure spirit and free soul. If you're ever in Northern California, let me know!
I've been listening to your album a lot since I received it a few weeks ago - it's so fantastic. If you ever come to the east coast, I'll definitely go and see you. <3
stunningly beautiful music. i stumbled across your music on someone's myspace page... so many of the musicians i zip past not interested, but yours stopped me in my tracks...
Gorgeous music! Absolutely succulent, stunning, with a rare depth. Thank you!
I stumbled into your music by searching for music that sounds like one of my favorite artists. You have realistic lyrics of life, and i love that. I don't care for commercial fluff. I love your deep thought with a good sound. I'm buying your CD now...can't wait for your next already, can't get enough of this style. Good Luck! Keep up the Excellent work!
Lijie, "Roam"... You made me cry, don't know if it was the piano, the words, or the belief in the song, beautiful. Diana
Dear Li Jie, Let me introduce myself. I am a classical guitarist studied and working in Holland. (age 60) Because of illnes I am not able to play my guitar compositions any more. I heard you playing and was very delighted hearing you. I Would like to ask you if you are interested in playing my music and perhaps recording it. The music is very guitaristic. the public liked my music when i played it on the stage. so please let me know. When tou are in Europe perhaps I can have a meeting. if you want I can send on some music as well. Yours Sincerely Joop Biegelaar Gitaarhof 7 4876 VA Etten-Leur Netherlands
Hi Dear, LOVE the music and the voice! I also like the word LOVE and hopefully will find the right lady to say I LOVE YOU to?
Hello Li Jie, I hope to see your CD's and DVD's available here in the USA so everyone can listen and see your art. You have inspired me and many other musicians to excel and strive for perfection and soulful playing that you have reached. Please keep playing and entertaining the world with your artisc contributions.
just dropped by through the redirection from uk competition page.. listened to roam.. the first time i hear your voice i didn't expect to be so deep and strong.. but listened to the end and found it refreshing, simple but relaxing
Lovely music, very creative, extremely melodic and moody arrangement--please keep it flowing
hola!...te escribo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina. No se como llegue a tu sitio, pero tu voz me parecio muy linda y muy calida. Un abrazo Ramiro!.
It was a pleasure meeting you last saturday, and getting the priviledge of video taping your show on NW Rising Stars with Nikka.
Caught your show at Alameda Art in the Park in '06. I'm a musician as well - keep me posted on Bay Area shows!
Love it good luck ! <3 :)
I got a hold of your music on pandora and must say that I have fallen head over heels with your music! Good luck and I hope that we get to hear more and more from you in the future!
Loving the site you should get your songs uploaded on You can sell your tracks there so its easy for your fans to purchase them. Keep up the great work.
Hey i just saw you today at whatcom and bought your album. your good. thanks for playing on such a lazy feeling day. i know i would want to sit outside and play frizbee. see ya kev
hi, i love your songs... just wondering if you have any sheetmusic out yet? because i would love to buy it!
i just came across your song "roam" randomly and loved it... now i'm going through this site trying to hear more. i love it! i also love the spunk you write with, both lyrically and in your bio and journal. i love musicians who are real people - and crazy ones like me at that.
I happened to hear one of your songs while studying; I became utterly distracted by the quality of the honesty in your voice and the beauty of the lyrics and melody. You have a new fan and I can't wait to introduce my friends to your album! Keep following your heart and keep up the good work! :)
I love nylon stringed guitar ever since I was 12. Used to have restaurants where I staged concerts for the guests. had all sorts of artists. Pepe and Angel came a couple of times, not to perform but to dine and have a couple of tunes. They came after their Master Class or Concert performance. Laurindo Almeida & Byrd, Charlie played a dozen times for our guests. But that was in 1974 to 1990, now they have passed away, RIP. I want to tell you though that I place you in the top league among them all. I love and admire the way you play & your interpretation for each piece, just the way a Composer would be proud of his work. You should check into the 4 Canadian Guitar players who are making a great reputation these days with their own compositions. I wish that one day the 4 of you: Su Meng, etc. can do the same. May God Bless you & yours Always.
amazing , ive been involved with music all my life and find it hard to be inspired by others , with the exception of neil finn (crowded house) , for his style of songwriting is one in a million , your style is one in a millon too , im inspired again , thankyou ..
Hi Jie, just sent you a message, but not sure if you could get it. Great music and pretty voice, keep doing, all the best!
Hi Jie, I am just taking a business trip in SF from Shanghai, and tomorrow will be my free time, in surfing the webworld,found you, coincidentaly, u have the same name with my wife, 李洁then went to enjoy your music, wow, beautiful voice, I love music and singing too. I plan to join your show tomorrow night at Space 180, but still would like to invite you to either have a lunch tomorrow or dinner, if you could make it, could you pls call my cell phone at:011.86.13310162357 or let me know your cell no. Thanks, your fan, Gong Li
So natural, so and your music
Life is all about living... living is all about courage... i envy you
I found you on pandora and I LOVE roam. Your song is so original and the lyrics are so true, that i had to buy it asap. Congrats and keep up the great work. Please, come to La-La-land soon! xoxo
Usually I deny myspace music add requests faster than an extra, unnecessary filling at the dentist, but the moment I heard your haunting and beautiful voice I stuck around and listened a little longer. I want to encourage you to just keep pushing forward--even if it means crashing with the parental units--in your music. It's not about loving the's about crafting something you love. (And boo hiss that I'll be out of town when you're playing a show near my 'hood soon. haha...)
I just had the opportunity to hear you perform here at Saint Martin's! You have a very free and whole sound--your voice flows very naturally. I am so amazed by your talent; thank you for sharing with us! I can't wait to hear you again... oh, and I would love the chance to jam with you!
I can't wait for the next album!!! I just downloaded the two newest songs and LOVE them!!! Please consider coming to the Washington D.C. area for a show..??? I know a great club/cafe venue you could play at... IOTA ( check it out!!! We'll get my sister to come out here at the same time!!! Okay ~ I'll quit being your "manager" and shut up... bye!!!
i listen to your music for the first time tonight and thought it was really good i am a songwriter myself and your voice and words really touched me keep up the good work because there is too many songs, and bands, groups out there that all sound the same. Its nice to hear something different. good luck for the future.
u are too great.
I think you are completely amazing! I listened to you first on "Pandora" ("MSN's little music box" I like to call it). When I heard "make believe" man I just set out to find your cd! I wanted to tell you to keep up the fabulous work. You're voice is amazing, your words are intriguing and I think you should never let anything get in your way. By the way... Am I seeing things correctly and are you coming to WA on March 28th and April 4th? Is that a show? Keep it up! You're great!
I absolutely love your voice. It's so beautiful.
Thank you for coming and playing at University place. It means alot to me when new music can inter my world. The album is fantastic. Keep up the good work and may the fates be kind to you and yours.
I love the song roam! I've heard this song on "pandora" Wonderful! Maurice
Hi lijie ohhh, please come back to "San Jose' ca. hugz jason
i love your website!! can we exchange links? thanks
Lijie, You sing incredibly beautiful music. I listen to you almost everyday and never tire of your voice and songs. So happy to have found you at cdbaby. Looking forward to all your future music and CDs.
Hi Li, I just recently found out about you, and you are an incredible tallent ! Guitar player and singer ! I saw you on You Tube. I think you were a little younger on those clips. Anyway, fantastic. Just ordered your cd. I can't wait to get it. I am a guitar player too for about 42 yrs now. I love music, all kinds and the guitar is very dear to me. It's my passion. I would like to meet you sometime and hear you play and sing. You are very inspiring ! Sincerely, Robert Anderson
Hey Lijie I've had Roam for about a year now. What an amazing album, I listen to it almost daily at work. Have you ever thought about trying out for American Idol & putting Simon in his place?
I watched you perform today at NIC, and I really liked your 1st 2 songs; Sorry I couldn't listen to more as I had to prepare for my next class.
You came to Berkeley a year ago or so, right when I was going through some of the hardest moments in my life. Your words and music touched me like nothing else, and, really, they still do. I feel corny for saying this but just having your words to resonate with my own feelings has made it possible for me to get up some days. I'm so glad you played here and even more happy that I bought your album. Please don't stop. You're remarkable.
Lijie- We loved your show! You were a total hit here on campus, and everybody that I talked to from the show was in love with you. You were a great kick off to our concert series, and we know. that an awesome concert like yours really is going to get the ball rolling! You are amazing
Just saw you play last night at Idaho State University (Hanna and Jason's friend). I really enjoyed your music and can't wait for you to come back this way in February.
Powerful performance on KISU radio tonight. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I'm enjoying the cd as I write.
thanks for the chat and enduring the snow!
I too heard a track while listening to Pandora. The voice caught my attention as I was working and I had to know who it was. I will be purchasing the "Roam" CD.
I too, heard a track while on Pandora Radio. It caught my ear as I was working. I had to know who this was. I will be purchasing the "Roam" CD. Beautiful and honest. My band is
I heard one of your tracks on Pandora internet radio (lena marlin radio)... i was entranced. I will have to track down your CD. Never let life lose it's magic .. it is a gift to us.
Your words inspire many people. Please keep singing and you will inspire more to do their dreams like you do.
wow. col site. christmas gift, christmas!!!
I finally got a copy myself...amazing, love the "Bar Song", love the girl...cheers from (COLD!) Germany!
i heard 'roam' on pandora and absolutely love it! good music is freeing, isn't it? thanks for what you sharing part of your soul for me to use as an outlet for mine
I actually stumbled across your song "Make Believe” while listening to WOW. I have since checked out your website and listened to some of your songs. You are such a talented musician, a gifted songwriter, and, of course, your incredible voice. It would be great if you could make it to Oho sometime to share your gift. Best wishes...
Err... I am hoping you're the same girl who played Paganini's Caprice (the video's floating around on Just wanted you to know (if you're the same girl) that I am in awe of you, and everytime I see that video, all I can think of is watching the way your fingers just float and create that magical sound with the guitar. God! I am in love with those fingers!
Li Jie, marry me :-)
I just bought your CD from Amazon after wanting it for 6 months and I LOVE IT. I'm going to recommend it to everyone on Lala. The music is beautiful, a little bit of Vienna Teng, Charlotte Martin, a voice as beautiful as Thea Gilmore, Kim Taylor.............I love the female voice and this will certainly be one of my favorite CDs for a long time. I can't wait for another from you.....I'll be watching for it and be the first to buy it. Simply beautiful. Thank you for creating this wonderful music for me.
Thanks a lot for your help. I have found quite a lot links in my mail. Thanks ^)
I like slugs!!
loving your album still Liije! Its playing right now :) -Lisa (Mirror Image)
I listened to you on the "Aliens fall in love" trailer.. and found this website. I loved the song on the trailer so much but it wasnt offered on your site. Thank you for sharing. Continue your passion; you're awesome at it!
love the new song!!! another masterpiece keep on rocking my friend james
I love the music. I love your bio. I love the simplicity and the honesty in your writing. Rock on!
i adoooore ur voice and songs!! great work and wish everthing goes well to u!!
Hey, followed your myspace link to here. Nice webpage. funny, for some reason I thought you were in Washington DC. anyhow, keep on keeping on with the music! GP
hi did you know you look more cuter if you didn't cut your hair will still even you cut your hair you still look cute in my dreams.
love your voice and the emotion that you convey, when i hear blue, all i can do is sing harmony with ya, keep it up, maybe check out, ya
I heard your song Roam at Pandora first time. Nice voice, beautyful songs. Your songs are really something!
Lovely is you and your voice. The lyrics...ahh, the power of words! I admire your dedication to create and deliver the art. If you are visiting Vegas in the near future, let me know...I would love to meet and see you in person. Performance? Wonderful! I will be there!
Great Music! Keep with it!
beautiful. keep with it.
Nice site, Lijie! Keep up the great work!
Li Jie, Great site. Awesome music. Reading your journal and bio...I totally understand the passion and jumble of thoughts, cuase I have them too ... my opinion....those are the things that make great artists, writers, musicians, and in general great people. I'm so philosophical and analytical it's somtimes dangerous. I just hope that you will always keep your passion and yourself in your music, your performances, and when you get famous...yourself, cuase I think that's what makes music good. Its great that you have followed your dreams, I know that took some guts. I remember you performing when we were kids at school together. Why am I not surprised to see so many people who love your included!!! As always hope all your dreams come true...I'm so happy for you...and hope we can have some coffee and chat soon!!! Love Always your friend.... Huong
Your music is absolutely wonderful.
Hi Lijie, Great songs. Nice voice. Good luck to you. take care, Todd Adleff
Hi Li Jie. As a fellow Chinese and guitar music lover, I'm truly proud of you. Wish one day I could pay the Paganini piece like you did when you were merely a schoolgirl! In response to your favorite 4-letter-word, I'd sayI love your guitar work and your pair of swift and seemingly effortless little hands (there's nothing fetish here, heheh), they moved so fast and accurately with agility, amazing!
lijie nice to see so many people finding out about your music as i tell alot of people about you. i told you in borders arcadia that day hang in there youll make it.and dear i was very serious i have seen alot of music and yours is very heartfelt. thank you for being who you are. LOVE MARK
Great music! I sent you a comment a while back on My Space. I originally heard you music on Pandora. You should venture to Connecticut someday soon!!
I am so taken with your voice and lyrics. Roam is something I must have! I see my life in the songs I have heard. I could relate to much in your bio. That is probably why I am loving your songs! Thank -you for sharing your talent. Therese
Oh my word - this is the first time in a very long time that I have instantly just loved an artist. Lijie, you are amazing. I have already searched the internet, but cannot find any outlets in the UK who has your cd. I WANT IT!!
Hello Lijie... This is the second time I am posting... as you know.. Your webpage is a great door to Music lovers... your great journals and great music are a good reflection of who you are... I hope to meet you in one of your Bay Area's gigs... I will try to make the one in Alameda coming soon I beleive.... Thank you. A. N.
i love you
a friend sent me a link to your video on youtube. wow. your voice is AMAZING!!!!!
your journal of China tour is wonderful! and I do share the same feeling with you, esp on toilet. congra to you on being a full time musician. still remember how impressive your performing was... yes, I'm the "ben" saw you at Borders, sept 15, 2005.
lovely music there! heard u at pandora the net station! keep up the good work! :)
Check this out... German StreetSoul..... Cetin Cetinkaya - MUSIQ
Hello sad asd a sd as Bye
i really dig your chops check out buddhas revenge on myspace thanks and eyeball ya later
pandora made me a present today by playing your music. this website already makes me like you more. have a wonderful day! and greetings from germany- crisi.
You have a great site, but I'm so sorry you have a lot of spam :-(
Oh My. what a wonderful journal. No wonder you write such heart felt songs. your head must be full of songs. Just kind of put them all together. Dont be afraid of LA. We love you down here. I'll have lunch today at a nice Chinese resturant ( no not PF Changs) and think about some of the stuff you expierienced last month. I too like peanut butter. But I choose the crunchy. Even on a bagel. Yum. Full time musician is great. Best of luck. Don't forget to read the Bob Dylan Chronicals book. I think you will like it, as I did. My friend Elizabeth is going to Madrid and Barcelona for a month and I hope she writes a journal like yours too. Enjoy the summer Love,Lionel
Hi, Lijie Just got your email. I am glad to hear that you had a good time at Mama Art Cafe on your birthday. I hope we can keep in touch. May be speak some Chinese together? I feel a little bit sad that I am loosing it.
Lijie thank you so much for the wonderful insight into the life of the chinse people. I have told so many people about your music and web site and everone loves your music. you now have fans in kansas as well. I wished i had more time to talk to you at borders at the santa anita mall and thank you so much for signing my cd also. You have such a great attitude and i loved the pics too from your trip. I dont like to compare your music to anyone but if i had to it would be dido (who i think is just as sexy as the come,she could make a bad man go good or a good man go bad ). So you are in good company. when you do put out a new cd i will be in line to buy one . I cant wait but dont hurry take your time as i know you will get it right again. THANK YOU LIJIE FOR YOUR MUSIC AND TIME MY DEAR. FROM A FAN FOR LIFE CHEFOZ AKA:MARK SONGER
Lijie, loved your journal about ur trip and the photos, Contgrats on your stopping smoking, i am trying to so the same as i type this.... thanks for being so talented!!!! peace james
Hi Lijie, Your voice is so amazing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
hello lijie, I frist see your page,very happy.we will remenber your music forever.
Hello Lijie, You probably don't remember me but i've met you at the canvas gallery once. Love your voice. Anyways, have fun in China!
Hi Lijie, I'm glad you are having fun in Beijing. I need to travel soon. I saw the pics from that nite in Santa Monica haa haa that was great I like the Pope. Take care have tons of fun and come back home safe.
YOU ARE GREAT! Greetings from Europe/Austria!
You are amazing!
Aww, it was so nice to finally meet you and chat with you today in Palo Alto after seeing you a couple times now! I still cannot get enough of your performances or your album as well (which is why I had to buy a second one for my bf). Anyways, good luck in China and hopefully I'll be seeing you again soon when you're back in the Bay Area. Much love, V.J. P.S. I was singing along the whole time during your show (you just didn't see me until you sang "Lately" at the end) :-P
Wow! How I love Pandora, it popped you up in my Missy Higgins selection. From Melbourne, Australia, perhaps it's understandable that I had never heard, or heard of, you. From having Pandora playing on the background when you came on my reacton reminded me of the first time I heard Eva Cassidy on the radio - just took my breath away! Looking forward to hearing you much more and, fingers crossed, hearing you live down under some time. :)
Lijie! oh how i love you! i can't wait for the next time I get to see you perform live...either down in soCal or at the gelateria :) take care and much love and success to you!
hey lady ! thanx so much for your request on the myspace-site. i'm working all the time and don't have a chance to search the net for new music, influences and honest musicians. your voice is filling this little gap in my cd- rack and i hope you're doing good out there and everything works out the way you love it. music is power erik / germany
Saw you at the Gelateria today. Studied there until 6 to hear you was worth the wait. Hope you know that amidst the rowdiness of students engrossed with their studies, you had fans there just for you and nothing else.. Oh and thanks for signing my cd! My japanese friend will love it. =) Have fun in China.
Hi! I love "Roam". I'm from Madrid (Spain), and I would like to listen to you here so.... good luck and my best wishes!! Laura
Hi Lijie, I just wanna let you know that your music is so fantastic. It's really wonderful and I can't stop listening it. I hope to see you once in the Netherlands on stage. So if you've plans to come to the Netherlands, please let me know and I'll be there. Asian girls rock hae ;-) X an adoped asian girl from the Netherlands, Kim
I was at Twiggs on Monday night and saw your flyer in the window and took a picture of it so I can visit your website once I got home. I marked my calendar to go to your concert but... I couldn't go. I was going to ask you for your phone number, you look so cute in the flyer. : ) But, from your journal, you might be living in LA now. If you're ever in San Diego again.... let me know.
pulled out the old headset from the drawer, dusted it off clicked random play back to work music playing, but not really listening to then.. stop...... stare blank...... smile.... thiniking "haven't heard it in a while".... click replay.. eyes replay.. replay..replay...... yea, roam has that effect... don't loose it or you will miss it.......
Hi Lijie, It was nice talking to you in front of Twiggs at Tuesday' nite, and I am hoping to see you at that coming Thursday's nite. Good luck to you, love James. See you!
Ok i just had to write to you again.Your journal was interesting i liked how you just laid it down in your own words.Very refreshing to here your thoughts from your heart and not worrying on what others think. Your love of life shows in your songs and thoughts again very inspiring. And yes i think you are very very cute and your voice WOW you make my heart feel joyful for lack of a better word.I could listen to you all day and want more.Your inspiration is awesome my dear.I will tell anyone who will listen to buy your cd.Thank you so much for being an artist with your music. i know you say you cant draw but you do it with your music so very well and thank you once again for your music.
Wow very good music. I bought your cd at borders in arcadia and like i said your going places. I will tell everyone who will listen to buy your cd i am impressed very much. The last person i was impressed with was ronnie benise who like you has a great future.His site is if you care to check it out. You are a great artist and i love your music.Thank you so much for signing my cd .Keep the dream alive dear you have what it takes.Yours truly Mark a Songer
You are beautiful.
Stumbled across your site some how, glad i did. Fantastic :D
I came across Roam on, they matched your music to another artist named Fiest (you should look her music up). After hearing the other songs I'm excited to get your CD ordered and up to the cottage for some relaxing dock music this summer. Dean Toronto, Canada
You have to get "Make Believe" on your myspace. I love that song.
So when you going to play in Portland and what do I have to search to find your myspace??
simply beautiful. thank you :) can't wait to see you live in L.A. :)
Hey, thanks for the friend request on myspace. Otherwise, I would have had to wait for you to become big to be blessed by your music--not that that should take too long anyway. Your music is beautiful, and you should definitely come to the East Coast soon. Namely, Philadelphia. Soon. Please. Haha best of luck to you!
my friend told me to listen to you on myspace...and i must say, i am SO IMPRESSED. you are so great and i'm confident that you have what it takes to go far. I LOVE YOUR VOICE! and your songs are so beautiful and soothing to listen to! keep up the amazing work! and visit USB more often!
Bless you, Lijie! I saw you and I've heard your songs at San Francisco Borders in 19th ave., and it's mesmerizing me as I have your CD sampler. Then later, I have a lot of songs downloaded from iTunes and I enjoyed listening ever since while I'm driving or relaxing while I study. And also, you made me pleased. Your voice is haunting and sensual, the sounds of piano and guitar and even your lyrics including 'Blue' and 'Roam'-2 or 3 times...(sigh!) breathless! Thank you very very very much and keep working! Good luck and I wish I could see your peformance soon...tee-hee! By the way, love your website=D! I love your album...I saw you at the Lower Sproul show last Friday (I was that guy sitting atop the planter to your left) and I'm just completely amazed! I wish I could see you at Naia tonight but I think I may be busy, however I'll try to stop by. I hope big things come your way cuz you deserve it! -Veej
I thought I heard Michelle Branch on campus today! You were really impressive. I bought one of your CDs and it's amazing. Good luck!
I heard you at UCB today too! Your voice is so full of emotion and I really enjoyed listening. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see you perform again!
You performed on the UC Berkeley campus today. You stopped me dead in my tracks with your amazing vocals when I passed by and I immediately bought your album thereafter. Your voice is amazingly beautiful, don't stop! Best wishes!
Hey there Japanese-y cartoon looking girl, though I didn't buy the CD =/ I really enjoyed the performance at Borders (1st & 3rd song was good). After listening to the 1 minute clip of "So High" after 25 times, it totally sounds like something they would play on mainstream radio. Good luck!
Picked up your CD at Tower Records in SF, and took a listen. Bought it just on the strength of your vocals and music, then was pleasantly surprised to find out you were a fellow American-Chinese; not that this is a big deal, but there are very few mainstream and successful music artists of Asian descent. Hope you become one of the first really big ones. Seems to me you're on the right track. Best of luck.
I discovered your songs through pandora today. Can't wait to listen to more. Have to get my hands on the CD.. love your voice.
I just heard your song "roam" by accident and I have to say I love it! What a great song! You really have a beautiful voice and so is this song... Maybe you perform in Austria one day :-) Greets from Vienna, Julia
You REALLY REALLY ROCK!!! Good Luck and God Bless on your carreer!!
you have an amazing voice. i was pruning through the bands on my myspace friends list and you were the only one whose music i listened completely all the way through... and replayed over and over! have you ever played in New York? this city would love you. i definitely have to get my hands on your cd.
Linda, It was wonderful to see you!!! I am so proud of you! Listening to your music took my breath away, I felt like I was able to relate to you even though we have lost touch, it felt like we were re-connected as we were when we were kids. I remember your last song, I always thought you would make that one your trademark when we were younger. Congratulations!! I'm so proud of you. I will be looking out for your future albums. Best of luck and don't lose touch.
Oiiiiiii !!!! GREATTTTTTTT !!! ... I just heard the songs in here ... Love them ... Congratulations !!! ... Good luck !!!!!!!!!!! Bye ... Your carioca friend ...
Roam is beautiful.... and so is your voice! Come to Singapore some day to perform... =) Found myself drifting in memories whilst listening to that lovely song "Roam". The lyrics really touch a chord as with the music. Am a Chinese and whilst I know race does not play apart in talents, I still must say that II am so proud and amazed that you can hold your own against all those other singers out there. Round of applause. May your career take flight the way your song has in our hearts over here!
I just heard your music (Roam) for the first time on Loving it! It was one of those songs that only 30 seconds into it I already knew I just had to go out and purchase.
Hi! I'm going to see you tonight at Hotel Utah but I thought I'll check out your site. Love your voice..truly! and your music too. I am sooo glad you are local because that means I can get to see you perform many times..which is great!
Hello, I just wanted to start by saying that you're a beautiful writer! Having just discovered your music... I can honestly say that I'm rather angry with myself for not hearing of you before!I can't wait to hear more and more of you (I've already made some new song friends!). Good luck with all your writing....and come to Canada soon!
Hey, Lijie!!! Happy New Year. Hope all your musical dreams come true in 2006. I enjoy your CD very much. It helped me hold it together while over in Fallujah last year. Listening to your voice reminded me that beauty still exists in this world. I miss the days when I could walk into a Los Angeles coffee house and watch one of your gigs. Hope you get a gig in Austin sometime (and, hopefully, it's before you're so famous I have to pay $80 to see it ;-) Best wishes.
wow amazing!!! what i learned right here and now is something i wanna learn more about...yeahs just in a second i fell in love with that voice...sorry if i used the word "love" but yeahs i really...really do, gosh i wish i have a copy of "ROAM" cause it'll be playing all night even if i passed asleep...but i wanna thank you for your great gift that you shared with so'll have my support and hopefully there will certainly another album out with your name on it...take cares and keep on doing what you love to do...peace -u vang
A friend gave me ROAM CD. Your music has a gentle poetic lilt. It touches the heart without trying. May the road ahead lead you to opportunities to share your very special gift w/ many other people. Looking forward to catching a live performance.
Thanks for the beautiful music! Thanks for the add on MYSPACE now i know who you are! yay! You should put some lyrics up! but your voice is so.. awesome!
Lijie we loved your performance at Borders in Redmond last month!!!!! (I listen to your CD all of the time...I have had friends put in requests for your music already). We look forward to seeing you again soon!
I saw your San Francisco performance at the Canvas Gallery, and I was thoroughly amazed. How such a smooth, powerful voice can come out of that petite, innocent face was mesmerizing...and now you're constantly playing on my nano...
hey lijie nice site, I am one very lucky who had also the priviledge seeing you playing your piano, performing your songs which your voice ( Barbaro!) is what I like the most, sounds good to me. you'll see me again with my band quite very soon one of these days, by the way hope you liked the tape. thank you. bye
You're music is very inspiring. I've never heard such a beautiful voice in my life. I hope you acheive your dreams, Nancy
Thanks for stopping by Federal Way...of all places! As cliche as it is, I'm inspired to see some one not just dreaming, but living out her dream. Would love to chat with you and hear more about what you went through to get there. Take care.
hey, just saw you perform at Borders in Federal Way and just want to say thank u for the great songs and performance. =) Keep singing and let the world hear your voice, your talent, and your soul as you continue to write songs and inspire people. Good luck. God bless. Hope to see you perform more in Federal Way. =)
Came across your site because I was trying to find out more about the person in this video file I have that is playing Paganini's Caprice No24. Don't know if it is you or not... but either way I'm glad I found your site! I'm absolutely floored by the sample music you have here. Fantastic stuff! Best wishes to you and your music
hi lijie I love your song very much .your music is beautiful. I have your CD by my side. I really enjoy it. I really hope you come to China next year. That will be great to watch you singing in BeiJing! love Your uncle
Been a LONG time! Worked across the hall in SF on Van Ness. Promise I'll make it back to SF to see a performance. Hope you are doing well and still have that positive attitude....
Lee-jay Your best performance Ive seen yet was at the Berkeley showing. I am really amazed by how far you have come. I always loved your voice. You have the heart and talent to boot. On another note...remember that we have a deal, right? We pinky swore so you cannot back out. You are awesome and I believe in you. Check you later.....
We all loved your performance. I've been passing your cd around to friends. Its wonderful. (Mirror Image)
Hey Lijie, LOVE your music! And I loved that you recommended one of my favorite books (The Dim Sum of All Things) when you performed at Borders! See you Fri.
I went into Borders at Stonestown and was hit by your amazing voice! So pretty too! =D
Loved your performance at Borders at Stonestown. I was sorry I had to leave before you finished. Looking forward to your next performance!
Totally captured by your beautiful voice when I stepped in Borders at Stones Town. Love your music, it makes me think of those good old 80's England Romantic bands.
My husband, Leonard, and daughter, Sophia, and I really enjoyed hearing you play today at Borders. I'm glad that Sophia decided to calm down and we were able to come back and listen. Just think what we would've missed! We'll visit your web page to keep up to date on your latest show dates. Thanks for a delightful afternoon of music.
I was listening to the album today and wondered how you were doing. I'm glad you have some shows coming up. Hopefully I'll get to hear the new songs soon... -j
Glad to see your new site up and running! Love it. Hope to come check out a show of yours soon. -TJ from The Mundaze
yay! i love every little tiny bit of this website and your music and you....i am always with you on this u, larin
I discovered you by "accident" on the web. Your songs are beautiful. Do you ever do any shows in Southern California? I live in San Diego and would love to see you live.
I am your dad's friend, I am so proud of you!  I have two daughters, I told them they have the freedom to pursuethe dreams of their lives. Your farther and I are the same generation, we never had chances or choices to pursue our dreams when we were at your age. Therefore, I wish all the Chinese parents will give their kids the opportunity to pursue their dreams, they should not have/push their kids go the way they wanted or make their kid to fullfill their dreams. Money and fame are important but not as important as the happiness inside of you. You are the "1",  and the money and success are the "0"s follow that "1". If "1" is not happy,  all the "0"s follow that "1" are meaningless. Congratulations again! Continue pursuing your dream, I have a lot of confidence in you.    Trust me, you will be very successful one day because you have the heart and the talent.
Way to go, Lijie! Proud of you!
Sorry about the grammatical error, typed too fast. Meant to say looking 'forward' to seeing you perfom. Anyway, keep up the great work. Peace
Hi Lijie, Looking seeing you perform when you come back to NYC! Just bought a copy of the cd, can't wait to hear the rest of it, i really liked the demo you gave me. Still working here at the hostel. Everything is great, see you soon.
I love all of your songs . Your voice is very beautiful. best wish to your dream.
got a copy of your demo cd on my way out of the rachel yamagata show at the amoeba. thanks for the copy. i enjoy listening to "so high". may i have the chords to the song? good luck with your music.
Great to hear you are doing so well Lijie... you deserve all the opportunities that come your way. By the way, who does your website?
Just purchased a cd... I think your music (from the samples I've heard) is incredible. I look forward to receiving it :)
Hey! Long time no talk! Glad to hear you're doing so well! Rusty and I are gonna try to come up to the city on Monday to see you sing. And I'll be in NYC the first week of September, will you still be performing there? Btw, you should check out Cafe Wha? (corner of McDougal and Bleeker) while you're there. Saturday's they have a great house band that you'd love... Anyway, congrats on everything and good luck!! -Meghan
Love your song "So High," you have an amazing voice. Thanks for giving me the chance to listen to you...good luck with your aspirations!
I just received your demo CD on Sunday at Summerthing and I have not stopped listening to it since! Your voice is amazing and your music is equally impressive - hope to make it up to the city on Thursday to see you live. Much luck to you on your endeavor to fulfill your musical dreams!
I haven't had a chance to see you live, but I am totally impressed by your demo cd. Everyone I have shared it with thinks you have a beautiful voice too. Hope to see it live soon. Good luck on your musical journey.
Nice show on Sunday at Canvas. Your voice reminded me of Amie Mann and Over the Rhine's Karin. Best of luck! P.S. Would've been nicer if I could hear your lyrics more clearly :")
First impressions are the lasting ones. My first visit at Canvas and I was surprised that I was there for such a wonderful live performance by you and your friend Emilio today. Your songwriting capabilities, vocals, and your knowledge with the guitar and the piano are wonderful and I can't wait for your next performance, let alone your next album to come out. Good luck with all your endeavors to realizing that dream.
Just saw your gig today, I really like your songs, your guitar playing, and your voice. I like how you played those cover songs too, they sounded very original. And btw I also like Jewel and Sarah Mclachlan =)
I saw your show at the Gallery on Sun May 22nd, and I think you are wonderful. One comment... I would like to have heard your vocals louder. I will bring friends to your next show. Thank you. David
Just saw your gig at Canvas today. I just wanna say my friends and I were impressed, very impressed. Good luck pursuing your 'dream'. Looking forward to seeing your next gig ... =)


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